James Bauer


Appeal to His Inner Caveman

You spend so much time sifting through online dating profiles. You spend so much time exchanging messages, trying to be flirtatious, hoping it will go somewhere. You spend so much time vetting these guys, deciding whether you want to meet, working out the when and where of that first date. And isn’t it depressing to think that when you …

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My Husband Keeps Letting Me Down

Skye knew she’d found the One… Until they moved in together. This awesome boyfriend who made her laugh and fixed her scrambled eggs and took her mud car racing morphed into someone she didn’t recognize once they were married. He was terrible at making her feel better when she had a stressful day at work. …

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“I’m So Mad at Him!”

It’s not fair. What he’s doing to you isn’t right. You’ve been nothing but wonderful to him. You’ve been there for him. You’ve put aside your own needs. You’ve been patient. And he doesn’t even try to change. Well, sometimes he tries. When he does, it’s amazing. It’s like the relationship you always imagined. He could be …

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Novelty Makes Love Last

Every relationship starts to fade after a while. No, it’s not you. It’s not him, either. You can blame it on the way our brains are wired to prefer whatever feels new. In the early days of a relationship, the brain’s reward system works overtime. It floods a lover’s system with chemicals that enhance attraction …

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